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Elected Officials

Governor Phil Bryant

​Phil Bryant was sworn in for his second term as Mississippi’s 64th governor on January 12, 2016. Before becoming the state’s chief executive, Bryant was lieutenant governor from 2008-2011. He also served as state auditor and represented his legislative district in the Mississippi House of Representatives for five years.

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 139,
Jackson, MS 39205


Phone: 601.359.3150

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves

Re-elected in 2015 as Mississippi’s Lieutenant Governor, Tate Reeves stands ready to guide the state toward a brighter future by improving educational achievement for students, supporting the creation of high-skilled jobs and responsibly managing taxpayers’ money.

Mailing Address

PO Box 1018,
Jackson, MS 39215

Phone: 601.359.3200

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann

Secretary Hosemann is committed to serving the public with open and fair government. In the short time since he was elected, he has worked tirelessly to ensure the integrity of Mississippi’s vote, ethically manage state lands to guarantee the future for our children, and make our State more business-friendly and attractive for economic development.

Mailing Address:

401 Mississippi Street
Jackson, MS 39201

Phone: 601.359.1350

Attorney General Jim Hood

Jim Hood has served as Attorney General of Mississippi since 2004. Prior to being elected as Attorney General, he served as a law clerk at the Mississippi Supreme Court and as a special assistant attorney general. In 1995, he was elected the district attorney for seven counties in North Mississippi. During his eight years as district attorney, he tried more than 100 jury trials. He has personally prosecuted several historical cases, including the 2005 trial for the leader of the 1964 murder of three civil rights workers in a case which was previously depicted in the movie “Mississippi Burning.”

Mailing Address:

550 High Street, Suite 1200
Jackson, MS 39201

Phone: 601.359.3680

State Auditor Stacey Pickering

It is an honor to serve as your State Auditor, and to work as a watchdog for the taxpayers of Mississippi. The mission of the Office of the State Auditor is to protect the public's trust by verifying the funds you provide to state and local governments are used in a legal and efficient manner for their intended purpose. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Office.

Mailing Address:

501 N. West Street, Suite 801,
Jackson, MS 39201

Phone: 601.576.2800

State Treasurer Lynn Fitch

Re-elected to a second term in 2015, Lynn Fitch is Mississippi’s 54th Treasurer.

Raised in Holly Springs, Mississippi, she earned both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Juris Doctorate at the University of Mississippi. At 23, Lynn began practicing law as a Special Assistant Attorney General and was later in private practice as a bond lawyer.

In 2009, Lynn was selected by Governor Barbour to serve as Executive Director of the Mississippi State Personnel Board. Prior to MSPB, Lynn served as Deputy Executive Director at the Mississippi Department of Employment Security and as Counsel for the Mississippi House of Representatives Ways and Means and Local and Private Legislation Committees.

Mailing Address:

PO Box 138,
Jackson, MS 39205

Phone: 601.359.3600

Commissioner of Agriculture Cindy Hyde-Smith

As a cattle farmer, stockyard owner, and former state senator, agriculture is a central part of my life, and I understand its significant impact on our economy. Given the current economic climate, what Mississippians need now are jobs. We can bring new industry to our state and create more agriculture related jobs by fostering important partnerships with organizations like the Mississippi Development Authority. Together, we can capture new opportunities, create new markets for growers, and prepare for the type of industrial expansion it will take to keep up with the pace of demand.

Mailing Address:

501 North Jefferson Street,
Jackson, MS 39201

Phone: 601.359.1100

Commissioner of Insurance Mike Chaney

Mike Chaney, Mississippi’s 11th Commissioner of Insurance and State Fire Marshal, is currently serving his third term in office. First elected in 2007, Chaney brought extensive business knowledge and experience to the office combined with 15 years of service in the Mississippi House and Senate.

Mailing Address:

501 North West Street,
Jackson, MS 39201

Phone: 601.359.3569