Contact Us offers several ways to assist you in finding what you need on Mississippi's government websites. is a web "portal" and provides links to official state content. While we are unable to answer very specific questions about a service or a customer's particular situation, we will do our best to assist you with finding the service or contact details to help you in your quest for more information.


Save time! If you know you need information about or from a specific agency or elected official, use these directories to contact them directly.

Live Chat on Live Chat​: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m CST. Live Chat allows you to ask an operator to help you find information, online services or direct government contacts. The operator will point you to the appropriate state website or may provide a phone number for the best direct contact to assist you.

Please note: The Live Chat operator can not answer specific questions in place of official state agency or entity experts. See above for specific agency and state employee directories.


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  • Phone: (601) 351-5023
    Toll Free: 1-877-290-9487

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