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Renew Radiology Permit

All permits expire on October 31 of each even year. You can renew your permit online beginning September 1 of the year your permit expires.

Failure to renew your permit by the expiration date will result in a renewal fee penalty in addition to possible disciplinary action by the Board. The penalty is $20 for each month the permit remains expired. If you do not renew your permit by December 31 of the renewal year, your permit will be voided for a failure to re-register, and you will be required to apply for a new radiology permit and fulfill all application requirements.

In order to renew your permit, please fill out the required information and complete all questions in the online forms provided. After payment with a valid credit/debit card or electronic check, all renewals will be forwarded to the Board of Dental Examiners as they are received.

If you have not renewed your newly issued radiology permit within two (2) months of issuance, you will be assessed the appropriate renewal penalties. If you fail to renew your newly issued radiology permit within 120 days of issuance, the permit will be voided for failure to renew.

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