Mississippi Board of Agriculture and Commerce

Place an Ad Instructions

Subscribers have the opportunity to advertise agricultural related items and achieve statewide exposure in our classified advertising section. Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your ad.

You must be a subscriber to advertise in the Mississippi Market Bulletin. All listings must be agriculture related and raised, grown, produced, or operated on your farm.

You must have your account number and a zip code to place an ad. Your account number is located on the Market Bulletin mailing address label. If you are unable to find your account number, please contact the Market Bulletin Editor at 601-359-1123 or send an email to marketbulletin@mdac.state.ms.us

Commercial or display ads will not be published. Businesses, corporations, dealerships, brokers, or other commercial enterprises are not allowed to advertise in the Mississippi Market Bulletin.

We reserve the right to edit, revise, or reject each ad.

Each subscriber is allowed to place 2 ads in the Bulletin but only 1 ad per category.

There is a 30-word limit for all classified advertisements. This includes the price of your item, city, county, and telephone number. Your name and address must be included in the ad if you do not list a telephone number.

You must include a price for items being offered for sale. We cannot run your ad without a price.

Ads cannot be held over from one issue to another. You must submit your ad for each issue. Follow all advertising deadlines to ensure that your ads will appear in each issue.

Out-of-state residents are not eligible to advertise with the following exceptions: