Bill of Rights


The Legislature Finds And Declares That Crime Victims, Guardians Of Victims And Family Members Of Deceased Victims Are Entitled To The Following:

Mississippi Code Ann., §99-36-5.

Sec. 26(a) Victims of crime, as defined by law, shall have the right to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect throughout the criminal justice process; and to be informed, to be present and to be heard, when authorized by law, during public hearings. In 1998, a Constitutional Amendment was ratified by the voters in the State of Mississippi, which provides certain rights to victims of the following violent offenses when the victim (or his representative) has submitted a Request To Exercise Victim's Rights:

By signing and mailing the Request To Exercise Victim's Rights, you are asserting the following rights:

The exercise of these rights is at your discretion. Should you invoke these rights, it is your responsibility to notify officials of any change in your name, address or telephone number.