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2024 Pelahatchie Bay Special Alligator Permit Application

Update Your Information

Please Review Details Below Before Proceeding

This a two-person permit partnership application. Each hunting partner must submit an application to be eligible. Prior to starting your application, the initial applicant will need their secondary permit partner’s Legal Name (First and Last), MDWFP Customer Number, Date of Birth, and Email Address in order to complete the application.

Upon submission, the secondary permit partner will receive an email notification to confirm and complete their application. Likewise, the secondary permit partner will need the initial applicant’s Legal Name (First and Last), MDWFP Customer Number, and Date of Birth in order to complete their application.

Your MDWFP Customer Number can be found on your MDWFP Hunting/Fishing License

  • Each application requires a partner applicant that meets eligibility requirements.
  • Each applicant may only be submitted once as initial OR secondary applicant. Applicants may NOT apply with multiple partner applicants.
  • EACH PERSON IS LIMITED TO ONLY ONE APPLICATION IN ONE OF TWO HUNT DATE OPTIONS (May 3-6 or May 10-13). Both partner applicants must submit for the same weekend to be eligible.
  • If drawn, both partner applicants must complete a permit purchase by the deadline and both partners must hunt from the same vessel at all times.
  • The hunt date you select will be the final hunt date you purchase if you are drawn.
  • Your application and/or permit transaction is NOT REFUNDABLE and NOT TRANSFERABLE to another person.
  • Emails will be the primary source of communication in the application and permitting process. Users must OPT-IN if you wish to also receive text alerts.
  • Select and submit your email address wisely
  • Monitor your emails during the appropriate dates of Feb. 14-16 and 21-23, as well as the following days if drawn for important notices and instructions.
  • Failure to respond as directed will result in a failed application or permit. No exceptions.

Your MDWFP Customer Number can be found on your MDWFP Hunting/Fishing License

  • You must be at least 16 years of age by date of application.
  • In order to purchase a Pelahatchie Bay Alligator Possession Permit ($100), you will have to also purchase an Alligator Hunting License ($25). In addition, you are not eligible to purchase an alligator permit unless you possessed one of the following valid licenses:
    • (Sportsman, All Game H/F, Small Game H/F, Apprentice Sportsman, Apprentice All Game, Apprentice Small Game, Senior Exempt, Disabled Exempt, or Lifetime License)
    • Lifetime License holders are exempt from the purchase of the Alligator Hunting License ($25).
    • Hunter Education requirements do apply. If you have been certified in hunter education and are unable to attend a hunter education course prior to the hunt, you may purchase an Apprentice License in lieu of a combination type license. The apprentice License is available as a one-time purchase for hunters who have never been certified in hunter education. It is valid for only one year.
    • Alligator Hunting License ($25) purchased for use during the Pelahatchie Bay Special Alligator Season will still be valid for the 2024 statewide season.
  • The winning partners are allowed to bring hunting guests just like any other MDWFP permitted alligator hunt. Those guests must follow license requirements and must be in the same vessel as the permitted holders.

Purchase Alligator Application from February 1st to February 8th

You can purchase your Alligator application and choose the weekend you wish to hunt online, at any location that sells MS Hunting/Fishing Licenses, and by phone (1-800-5GO-HUNT). Applications may be purchased between 10:00 AM on February 1st through 10:00 AM on February 8th.

Winner notifications will be sent February 13th and February 21st after 12:00 noon. You may check back here to see the status of the alligator permit drawing

The winners will receive a confirmation email with a link to purchase your permit, and you can check if you won here. If needed, a second drawing will occur on February 21st to draw winners to fill any unpurchased permits that remain from the first drawing.

Purchase Your Special Season Weekend Permit

If you were selected for the Alligator drawing, you may purchase your permit here.

Wait for Your Permit, License, and Tags to be mailed

After successfully completing the permit purchase process, your Alligator Permit, License, and Temporary Possession Tags will be mailed to you. The Tags are attached to the Permit and License (printed on orange paper). The Tags are perforated and tear off of the Permit. If you do not receive the packet in the mail by April 1, please contact the MDWFP at (601) 432-2217.

Go Hunt!

The 2024 Pelahatchie Bay Alligator season is separated into two hunt date periods. Check your permit for the dates and times of your hunt period.

Payment info:
  • Online: Pay online at your convenience
  • In person: Pay at MDWFP or any location that sells MS Hunting/Fishing Licenses
  • By phone: (1-800-5GO-HUNT)
Contact info:
Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, & Parks