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The roster file will contain all currently licensed MD, DO, DPM, and PA licensees. This file is a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) text file that contains a header record denoting the field names. The following fields are included for each record. Please note that the address listed is for the licensee's Primary Practice Address. If no primary practice address is listed, the licensee did not provide one to the Board.

Field Names Description Example Record
License Number 99999
License Type MD, DO, DPM, or PA MD
Last Name Will include suffix (if applicable) Doe III
First Name John
Address 1 Suite 504
Address 2 123 Main St
Address 3
City Jackson
State MS
Zip 39201
Issue Date 06/03/1972
Expiration Date 06/30/2010
Primary Specialty DERMATOLOGY
Public Record YES or NO NO

NOTE: Data provided is for practitioners currently licensed as of the date the roster is requested.


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