Mississippi Office of Financial Aid
Application for Academic Year 2015-2016

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The Higher Education Legislative Plan for Needy Students Grant is available to Mississippi resident students with a 20 ACT or higher, 2.5 high school GPA or higher, and completion of a specific rigorous curriculum, who can demonstrate financial need. The Higher Education Legislative Plan Grant pays full tuition at public Mississippi colleges and universities (or the equivalent at a private Mississippi college or university).

  To help us determine whether you may be eligible, please answer the following questions:

* 1. Did you score 20 or higher on the national ACT (or equivalent SAT)?
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* 2. Is your high school GPA 2.5 or higher?
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* 3. Have you completed (or will complete by graduation) ALL of the following high school courses?
Yes  No

English 4 Carnegie Units English I, II, III, and IV
Mathematics 3 Carnegie Units Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II
Science 3 Carnegie Units Biology, Advanced Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Physics or any other science course with comparable rigor and content. Two (2) units must be laboratory-based. One (1) unit from a Physical Science course with content at a level that may serve as an introduction to Physics and Chemistry may be used.
Social Studies 3 Carnegie Units United States History (1 unit), World History (1 unit), Government ( unit), and Economics ( unit) OR Geography ( unit).
Computer Applications Carnegie Units The course should include use of application packages such as word processing and spreadsheets. The course should also include basic computer terminology and hardware operation.
Advanced Electives 3 Carnegie Units Foreign Language, World Geography, fourth-year lab-based Science, or fourth-year Mathematics. One (1) unit must be in Foreign Language OR World Geography.
Arts 1 Carnegie Units One (1) unit or two (2) one-half () units from the approved Mississippi Department of Education Arts-Visual and Performing series.
Total = Minimum 17 Carnegie Units

* 4. Is your family's income at or below the income limits listed in the following table?
Yes  No
Number of siblings under age of 21
in addition to the applicant
Average adjusted gross income