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The Mississippi Department of Education

Mississippi has 151 public school districts serving almost 500,000 students and employing more than 32,000 teachers.

The Mississippi Department of Education, which operates under the direction and supervision of the State Superintendent of Education, implements a systemwide plan of performance, policy and direction for public education in Mississippi. The Mississippi Board of Education, in conjunction with the State Superintendent of Education, adopts and maintains a curriculum and a course of study to be used in public schools that is designed to prepare Mississippi's students to become productive citizens, parents, employees and leaders. The Board also regulates all matters arising in the practical administration of the school system not otherwise provided for and regulates issues such as curriculum, teacher standards and certification, student testing, accountability and school accreditation.

The Board's vision is to create a world-class education system to give students the knowledge and skills to allow them to be successful in college and the workforce and flourish as parents and citizens. To that end, the Board has set three goals: to mobilize resources and supports to help ensure that all students exit the 3rd grade reading on grade level by 2020; to reduce the dropout rate to 13% by 2013; and to reach the national average on national assessments by 2013.

There are five basic strategies for accomplishing these goals: 1) implement ongoing, comprehensive reform in the areas of instruction, curriculum, assessment design and accountability systems for all grade levels from early education through graduation; 2) increase the quantity and quality of teachers; 3) increase the quantity and quality of administrators; 4) create a culture in Mississippi that understands the value of education; and 5) redesign education for the 21st century workforce in Mississippi.

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, Mississippi also offers the Mississippi Virtual Public School Program, a free web-based educational program providing Mississippi students with access to a wider range of course work. Technology is used to deliver instruction to students via the Internet in a virtual or remote setting.

Mississippi also operates four programs open to students statewide: the Mississippi School for the Deaf, the Mississippi School for the Blind, the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science, and the Mississippi Schools of the Arts.

The Department has undertaken a systematic process in the work of dropout prevention and in the development of a strategic dropout prevention plan. The State Dropout Prevention Plan seeks to accomplish three overarching goals: 1) to increase the graduation rate to 85% by 2018-2019; 2) to reduce the state dropout rate by 50% by 2012-2013; and 3) to reduce the statewide truancy rate by 50% by 2012-2013.

State Superintendent - Dr. Carey Wright Mississippi Department of Education P.O. Box 771 Jackson, MS 39205-0771


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