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Emergency Management Agency, Mississippi

Our mission is to ensure that Mississippi is prepared to respond to emergencies, recover from them, and mitigate against their impacts. 

MEMA is divided into five offices: 

1. Mitigation - which helps prevent damage and loss of life and property in future disasters.
2. Preparedness - which is in charge of all emergency plans and training programs in the state. 
3. Recovery - which is in charge of all recovery operations such as public assistance reimbursement. 
4. Response - which is in charge of coordinating the state's response to any type of natural or man-made emergency through the State Emergency Operations Center. 
5. Support Services - which is in charge of all financial and personnel issues for the agency. 

Emergency Public Information: During an emergency, any crucial public information will be released through MEMA with the help of other state agencies that may be involved in the response actions. During any type of evacuation in the state, the Mississippi Public Broadcasting will broadcast that evacuation and traffic information on all MPB radio stations. 

Lee W. Smithson, 
Executive Director (appointed by Governor)


Agency Address:

1 Mema Dr,
Pearl, MS 39208