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Mississippi State Fire Academy

Firefighting continues to rank as one of the most honored, yet dangerous and deadly professions. The fire fighters who put their lives on the line every time they answer a call rely on the training they have received for their safety and protection. There is no place where they will receive more dedicated training than the Mississippi State Fire Academy(MSFA). I have, and will continue to publicly state, that the Mississippi State Fire Academy is one of, if not, THE finest fire training facility in the United States. MSFA staff remain vigilant and aware of the changes in firefighting challenges and techniques. They are constantly evaluating and training in fundamental and advanced skills to save lives and property. The training programs MSFA offers are unique and in tune with the rapid and ever changing world of firefighting and the fire safety. The vision, drive and planning of the Academy's leadership and staff and the training utilized by the state's firefighters who train here have saved countless lives and property, not only throughout Mississippi, but the nation as well. I am proud of the dedication and commitment to excellence of the fire service, and I salute the outstanding accomplishments of the courageous men and women who respond every day to make Mississippi a safer place for all. As you go about your daily work answering that next call, remember that the lives and property of the people we serve are in your care. I will do all that I can to assist you in your difficult and dangerous task of protecting the lives and property of Mississippians. I am confident that with the training offered at the Mississippi State Fire Academy, all responders will be prepared for whatever challenges they face each time they answer the fire call. I praise your commitment and service to this great state. Mike Chaney Commissioner of Insurance


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#1 Fire Academy USA,
Pearl, MS 39208