Purchase Drivers Manual

Please read the following instructions and click "Continue" to proceed.

Only one manual can be purchased at a time. If you would like to purchase more than one manual, you will be required to complete a new transaction.

Upon successful payment you will receive an email with a 24-hour link to access and PRINT your purchased manual. You will NOT receive a physical Driver Manual in the mail.

The option to view and print the manual must be used within 24 hours; otherwise, it will no longer be available. DPS is not responsible if the individual fails to view and print the manual within 24 hours.

Warning: This is for a DIGITAL Driver Manual. You will NOT be mailed a physical Driver Manual. This purchase is for a one-time view of the purchased Driver Manual. To keep a copy, you will need to PRINT the manual from the confirmation page of this transaction, so please ensure you have print capability before proceeding.