What Do You Want to Buy?

Commodities, Supplies and Equipment

(other than Computer-related items)

Search a list of current State Contracts. If there is no State Contract, you may contact the Office of Purchasing, Travel and Fleet Management (OPTFM) and they will be able to advise you on how the state and local entities should purchase the product(s). If the items are not on a state contract, state purchasing laws, rules and regulations should be followed.

Computer and Telecommunications Equipment, Software and Services

Contact the Department of Information Technology Services (ITS)—Procurement Help Desk, 601-432-8166, email: isshelp@its.ms.gov. http://www.its.ms.gov/procurement. State and local governments may use EPL’s (State Contracts) to purchase required technology and products and services. If items are not on an EPL, IT procurement laws should be followed.

Office of Personal Service Contract Review

Most state agencies fall under the jurisdiction of the Office of Personal Service Contract Review, http://www.dfa.ms.gov/dfa-offices/personal-service-contract-review/, and must follow formal bidding procedures for contracts over $75,000. Some agencies (Universities and MDOT) and most Governing Authorities are not required to comply with any competitive process for services, yet many do implement a competitive procedure.