Architects - Reciprocal License


Applicants must meet the qualifications as specified in Section 73-1-21 and Rule 2.2. As a summary of qualifications, you must:

  • Read the Mississippi Architectural Practice Act and the Rules and Regulations of the Board
  • Have a current NCARB Certificate
  • Have a NAAB accredited degree in architecture, or have been licensed by another NCARB jurisdiction prior to 1/1/1987, or have been approved by another NCARB jurisdiction as an exam candidate prior to 1/1/1987
  • Have completed AXP or the equivalent per rule 2.2.4 (B)
  • Have successfully passed the ARE
  • Take and pass the Mississippi Jurisprudence Examination. This is an open book examination that should be printed, completed and submitted to the Board.
  • Have a license in good standing in an NCARB jurisdiction
  • Any firm or business through which you practice in Mississippi must meet the qualifications of Section 73-1-19 and Chapter 3 of the Rules and Regulations (refer to the Extract of Laws and Rules for Architectural and A/E Firms)

Important Reminders!

  • After 30 minutes of inactivity, your session will expire. Upon expiration, any of the data that you have entered will be lost. Please be mindful of this limit while entering your application.
  • Applications will expire after 6 months of no activity. In such cases the individual must reapply.
  • Please use proper capitalization. Names and other information will appear just as entered by the user on "Certificates of Standing" and other documents and listings.
  • All payments are non-refundable.