Get to Know MISSI


She’s Mississippi’s first government chatbot and is here to help with your questions 24/7. She can direct you to the appropriate state agency, send you the link to an applicable online service, and even help you through your online payment.

Access MISSI across the site by clicking on the magnolia chat icon on the right hand side of your screen.

Get to Know MISSI

Try some of these phrases to interact with MISSI and see how she can help you with things like scheduling an appointment with the Driver Service Bureau, renewing your hunting license, or finding employment in Mississippi.

"I want to make appointment to renew my driver's license."

"I need help finding a job."

(MISSI will ask for more details like if your hours were cut or if you've been self-employed.)

"How do I register to vote?"

"Who is the commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce?"

"Can I reserve a spot at a State Park campground online?"

"I'd like to get text alerts about Covid on my phone."

"How do I check the status of my tax refund?"

"What does a beginner driver need for a Learner's Permit?"

"Can you help me renew my license?"

(Try this phrase and see how MISSI will ask what kind of license you're trying to renew.)

"Can you show me the Covid case map?"

"How can I contact the Secretary of State's office?"


MISSI is Mississippi's first government chatbot and has been honored with eight awards since her launch in 2018. Scroll down to view MISSI's impressive award history!

2021 dotCOMM Awards, Honorable Mention - MISSI

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2021 Gold Davey Award, Best Use of Technology - MISSI

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2021 Gold Davey Award, Government Websites - MISSI

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2021 Silver w3 Awards, Best Use of Emerging Technology - MISSI

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2020 Future Ready Award, Center for Digital Government - MISSI

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2020 Silver w3 Awards, Best Use of Emerging Technology - MISSI

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2018 Hermes Creative Awards, Platinum Winner - MISSI

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2018 Silver w3 Awards, Website Features, Technical Achievement for Websites - MISSI

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