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Mississippi Division of Medicaid

Mississippi Division of Medicaid logo

550 High St.
Suite 100
Jackson, MS 39201

(601) 354-6712

Medicaid is a national health care program. It helps pay for medical services for low-income people. For those eligible for full Medicaid services, Medicaid is paid to providers of health care. Providers are doctors, hospitals and pharmacists who accept Medicaid.

The mission of the Division of Medicaid is to ensure access to health services for the Medicaid eligible population in the most cost efficient and comprehensive manner possible and to continually pursue strategies for optimizing the accessibility and quality of health care.

Mississippi Legislature

State Seal

400 High St.
Jackson, MS 39201

(601) 359-3770

The Mississippi Legislature is the state legislature of the U.S. state of Mississippi. The bicameral (divides the legislators into two separate assemblies, chambers, or houses). The Legislature is composed of the lower Mississippi House of Representatives, with 122 members, and the upper Mississippi State Senate, with 52 members. Both Representatives and Senators serve four-year terms without term limits.

The Legislature convenes at the Mississippi State Capitol in Jackson. 

Legislative Budget Office

Legislative Budget Office logo

E.T. Woolfolk State Office Building
Suite 201-B
Jackson, MS 39202

(601) 359-1580
(601) 359-1629

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Legislative Budget Office is to provide the technical staff support necessary to enable the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and the Legislature to adopt a balanced state budget, and to provide the data processing support necessary to the proper functioning of both the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and the Legislature. The Legislative Budget Office serves as the fiscal support agency for both the Joint Legislative Budget Committee and the Legislature, pursuant to Section 27-103-101, et seq., Mississippi Code Annotated (1972). The Legislative Budget Office also provides data processing support for all House and Senate operations.



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